Traveller Culture & Heritage
Promoting Traveller culture and heritage is central to our work
Our Traveller culture work aims to address the traditional gaps and misrepresentations of our culture and heritage. This work is about promoting Traveller pride, supporting positive recognition and visibility of Travellers, awareness of the richness of our culture, history and heritage and challenging negative stereotyping.


Other Collaborations

Selected Projects

Other projects

Paddy the Traveller Boy

Contact us for a free copy of Paddy the Traveller Boy illustrated picture book aimed at children age 3-6 written by Spring Lane Traveller Women’s Group.

Traveller Cultural Awareness Training (TCAT)

CTWN works with 4 other Traveller led organizations in Cork to provide training on Traveller as an ethnic group with a rich culture, history and experiences. TCAT is delivered by experienced Traveller trainers. This training is targeted at service providers and interested others (including students, community groups etc). It aims to challenge racism and discrimination, and ultimately influence service provision and policy to provide better outcomes for Travellers.

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Annual Events

As well as co-organizing Cork Traveller Pride each year, CTWN participates in National Heritage Week & the Cork LifelLong Learning Festival through progamming, projects, talks and more